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January 04, 2012


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Impeccable prose can make even a dull wine seem fascinating, but you just had to go and pick an interesting one to start with. I'd love to try that Vino Rosso, especially because I'm making an effort to acquaint myself with florality now, but also because I'm a sucker for neglected grapes, and I don't think I've ever tried Brachetto.

(I have, however, had Ruchè! Also only one time, but it was from Piedmont.)

Great post. I didn't even miss the quotation marks.

Meg Houston Maker

Jason, thanks for reading. Good luck finding Brachetto. It's a little mystery of a wine. I want more.


Meg, what a delightful story... So beautifully written too. Unlike Jason, I'm not sure I'd like to try that wine - probably too much rose in it for my palate. How marvelous though, that such a wine found its way to your local bistro. Many happy belated birthday wishes to you dear Meg!

Meg Houston Maker

Viviane, thank you so much for your kind remarks, and for the birthday wishes! The rose notes are quite strong, and the pairing suggestions I've found, for sweet Brachetto at least, lean toward fruit desserts. I'd be curious to try the sweet fizzy version, Brachetto d'Acqui, with berry crêpes for brunch.

Thor Iverson

WI? Because I seem to recall both those wines on their list. In fact -- you will be just shocked to hear this -- I ordered the very same grüner. As for the other, I think I've had it elsewhere in the village, but by the glass (where it probably belongs).

A great story, well-told, by the way. Thanks.

Meg Houston Maker

Thor, many thanks for reading and for the kind words. This was not at the WI, although I expect they buy from the same distributor.

I'm pleased to learn you like that Grüner. Or rather, I'm pleased to learn that I like a Grüner you found worthy of ordering.

Thor Iverson

I like grüner. A lot. Unfortunately, my most frequent drinking companion hates it. So it's rare that I get to drink any at all.

Meg Houston Maker

Truly unfortunate. I'm all for opening something that only one member of the couple likes, then enjoying it over day or two. It loses something over time, but it's a smaller loss than not having tasted it at all.

Thor Iverson

A fine idea when one is not, say, in a restaurant. Or supplementing wine with cocktails and single-malts. You know, just sayin'. ;-)

Meg Houston Maker



Beautifully written. I feel as if I dined with you; you made the vicarious tasting so clear with your descriptions. Couldn't agree more. It is disappointing when the servers are no help. Such a fun experience when it becomes an education. I may be stuck here all day reading!

Meg Houston Maker

Alissa, thank you so much for your kind comments. I'm so happy you stopped by for a read. Enjoy!

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