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June 27, 2010


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Jessyca Frederick

Thank you for sharing this with us! I tried to type as you spoke but it was better just to listen.

Meg Houston Maker

Thanks for coming, Jessyca. I'm glad you found it valuable.


This list is extremely helpful. Thanks!

Meg Houston Maker

Thanks for the kind comment, Jenious. Cheers!

Kathleen Rake

Nice piece and good advice, Meg. Your theses ring true in most sorts of writing; at least, in my experience it does.

Sorry I had to miss your session at WBC10, but glad I could catch up here.



Adam Japko


Besides my own wine blog, I run a company that is managing social media for 1200 client companies and we have a large group of bloggers developing voices for others creating over 1000 posts a week. I am distributing your list to all of our writers....it is one of the most poignant walk-downs I have stumbled across recently. Thanks for organizing and sharing the knowledge,


Steve Shanahan

Of all the salient points you have, I really keyed in on the Voice. Thanks for putting it all together.


Good stuff here, Meg. keep pushing for the art of writing. In the realm of wine blogs I fear that social presence and personality is more important to most and that's a shame because popularity fades, but respect endures.

Meg Houston Maker

Adam, Steve, Jeff: Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments. I'm glad these strike a chord. The response to this list has made me think about writing a short expository post on each. And I've already thought of one more (stay tuned).

Meg Houston Maker

Kathleen, I'm glad these ring true. It was really great to meet you in person at last at WBC10.

Cecilia Dominic

When you listed these at WBC10, I kept forgetting I was at a wine bloggers' conference. These are great advice for any writing, especially fiction! I've linked to them in a post-conference piece on my writing blog.


Meg Houston Maker

Cecilia, since I'm a nonfiction writer, I'm glad to know you think these points are relevant to fiction, too, offering general—though hopefully not generic—advice to anyone who tries to put ideas into words.

Christopher Watkins

Wonderful Meg, thanks for posting these up!


This is marvelous! A good dose of inspiration.


This advice is great. Thanks!

Meg Houston Maker

Thanks, CJ. So happy to be of service. Prost!


I will be referencing this post frequently. Thank you for the reminders and fresh ideas.

Meg Houston Maker

I'm pleased that this advice, originally delivered to bloggers nearly two years ago at the Wine Bloggers conference, still connects with writers.

I've been fleshing out these recommendations and have begun posting them to my writing-oriented site, megmaker.com. Stay tuned for more, and thank you so much for reading.

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